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Meals in Costa Rica past times is one of many very memorable components of my excursion. Pretty epic most once i in addition to walked from the clouds for the the latest forest treetops, braved an exciting step one.3 km zipline back down to earth and you will are amazed from the unanticipated opportunity to see baby turtles hatch and you may embark on the precarious competition down seriously to the latest water’s line (don’t neglect to inhale!). As well as the colourful tree frogs, breathtaking track of your own black-experienced solitaire and you will range almost every other wildlife miracle one entered my path… Refusing anyone who try going out that way to overlook from the attractive flavours offered no matter if, You will find put together a little round up from Costa Rica’s most useful food (and delighted that my favourites most of the begin, just like in britain, with the page C (cheese, chocolates or chips, anybody?).


A great Casado is possibly many traditional bowl you can get within the Costa Rica and my personal essential when i are here as they never disappoints. Casado translates to ‘hitched man’ therefore the pan is actually a marriage out-of dishes served to each other! Usually, it includes tortillas, black kidney beans, plantains, rice and you will green salad. I love as you are able to top it from the buying casado scam pollo (chicken), casado con carne (beef), casado con cerdo (pork), casado ripoff pescado (fish), otherwise casado vegetariano (vegetarian). You’ll see it from inside the dining, carbonated drinks (short, regional restaurants), highway companies as well as in homestays, thus more or less everywhere, and also you really should test it with a trending sauce. Order you to definitely and you may dine including a beneficial Tico!


Costa Rica can have some of your own planet’s most readily useful coffees. A laws is introduced inside the 1989 you to definitely banned new planting and you can increasing regarding reasonable-top quality espresso beans. ). Merely 100% Arabica coffees might be grown up there is actually seven additional java expanding regions, per that have another flavor – and you will diverse climate form producers can produce a multitude of flavours within for each area. Even better, Costa Rica has actually strict guidelines out-of alternative techniques – therefore pamper out, guilt-free! I will suggest signing up for a coffee concert tour to learn more about exactly how the fresh new house is actually shielded from overproduction.


My personal hands-off favorite of all the Costa Rican highway foods, its name’s a variety of the 2 chief items chicharrones (deep-fried pork rinds) and frijoles (red-colored otherwise black kidney beans). Speaking of superimposed, including grain, chopped tomatoes or pico de gallo otherwise chimichurri and you can broth and you will presented with fried tortilla potato chips and you can avocado.

It is possible to come across it toward restaurants stand, within the bars as well as on this new menus of several food all over Costa Rica, and you can I’m usually pleasantly surprised within exactly how reasonably it’s priced getting such a satisfying meal!


Ceviche could very well be very of this Peru, yet not Costa Rica indeed brings their other Latin Us citizens certain battle! Tangerine liquid, black colored pepper, coriander, peppers, and you will onions marinate new, white fish perfectly immediately after which Costa Ricans include ginger ale towards blend which i imagine gives they an entire extra kick – definitely juicy! Usually presented with tortilla potato chips, crackers otherwise boiled green plantains on the side, Ceviche is superb that have an ice-cooler drink toward a trending date! Incorporated towards soft drink and you may bistro menus across the country, I would suggest trying it into coasts if you get the new possibility because is really most readily useful when it’s made out of the latest freshest hook.

Picadillo de papaya

My finally foodie tip was Picadillo de papaya. Papaya is not a popular from mine (certainly cannot begin with C!) but my other travelers insisted so it antique side dish should make the list as it is only too good. The truth to possess Christopher Columbus when he ‘found’ they in 1492 the brand new tenacious good fresh fruit was an essential of many products and you will items in Costa Rica and that sort of dish, passed down from generation to generation, are a beneficial heady mixture of nice, sodium and you can peppery temperature.

Green papaya was boiled, strained and you will crushed which have an effective sauce out of onions, carrots, achiote, chile peppers, petroleum, salt and you may thyme and you can both floor beef otherwise chicken. Once simmering together it is simply unbelievable as the a musical accompaniment so you’re able to Casado or simply just taken covered with a trending floury tortilla (apparently!).